2 comments on “Cutthroat Lakes and Bald Mountain (Walt Bailey Trail / Mallardy Ridge Trail)

  1. The frog is a Cascades Frog. I don’t need to see the underlegs. It’s got that typical Cascades Frog look. I’m glad to see it as this area is close to the zone where Cascades Frogs start to drop off the landscape to be replaced by Columbia Spotted Frogs (Rana luteiventris). At least, that’s my memory. The actual zone in question may be a bit further north but it’s a question of which species dominates those high elevation meadows. Thanks for the great pictures.

    • Thanks for the ID! I thought so, too, but, not being a biologist, I’m always careful about IDs. There were many of them in the area. Thanks for the information about ranges and Columbia spotted frogs, too — the complex factors that create individual species’ “neighborhoods” are fascinating. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed!

      ~ HesperosFlown


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