2 comments on “Lake Ann and Lower Curtis Glacier

  1. Hello – the third to last photo (side trail to lower curtis glacier) is spectacular! How far is this viewpoint from shore of Lake Ann? Another words how far from the trailhead to this viewpoint? – Thank you!

    • The views along the entire trail are truly stunning — I was reminded of the dramatic landscapes in the “The Lord of the Rings” films. Unfortunately, I have not had opportunity to return since the date of the photos in my trail profile. At that time, the side trail to the Lower Curtis Glacier was not marked. (I only learnt of it from a fellow hiker.) East of Lake Ann (left, as you approach the lake), look for a boot path crossing a boggy meadow and disappearing into the forest below Mount Shuksan. Gazing up at the glacier, you would expect the climb to be daunting, but the trail’s long switchbacks ease the grade. From recollection, it was only about a half mile/0.80 km from Lake Ann to the end of the trail near the glacier, which would make the total one-way distance about 4.60 miles/7.40 km from the trailhead. The photo you referenced was taken about halfway up the side trail. The trail ends beyond the forest at a ridge of large, loose rock that is difficult to traverse. I scrambled up a bit for a better view, but don’t approach the glacier’s unstable ice or the cliff’s edge where it terminates.

      I hope you get to enjoy this amazing trail soon! Write back with any helpful info or interesting developments you find.

      ~ HesperosFlown


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